Punch TV studios and President Mr. collins Offers The Magic For Stakeholders

Punch TV studios and President Joseph Collins Provides The Magic For Investors

Using a combination of multi-media in addition to fiscal empowerment, This 2018 "Ignite the Magic" Meeting along with Gala hosted by Head of the company Joseph Collins and the Punchtv crew delivered the magic as expected in the fantastic city of Las Vegas, Nevada on 5/11/2018 and 2/12/2018.

Presented the newly attained stock symbol, Joseph Collins madea famous revelation in attaining not no more than the Nasdaq position, but becoming the first Black operated company to gain Nasdaq position with the urban community as it's central part investor base. Through the two-day conference, with literally hundreds of stockholders, shareholdersand future shareholders experienced what Punch tv studios got to offer.

Joseph Collins reported being "delighted, content as well as humbled" by both the acquisitionand the extraordinary success of the studios. "I repeatedly imagine about how Warren Buffett turned one of the successful people in The States, and my purpose is to put together a corporation by which individuals achieve personal success by stock investments," explained Joseph collins.

Joseph Collins, Head of the company performed just what the investors predicted: facts concerning monetary education, what is next through the production of Punch TV Studios highly developed tech, forthcoming programs , and future guidelinesfor Punch tv media. Guest speakers from around the world qualified shareholders in relation to real-time stock graphs, crowdfunding, their position, and a full demonstrations of from their procedures by Punch tv studios stakeholders. As part of the 2 day convention, Joseph Collins, an specialist in business, staged a exclusive Master Business Lesson.

Throughout a night of dancing and mingling at the fun-filled celebration, Joseph Collins met and greeted all guests individually — a personable and succesful part of the formal party.

in the presents of the awestruck shareholders, the element of shock ongoingby means ofthe revelation of Punch Animation, Corporation. formallyknown as Urban TV Network Corporation. Mr. Collins, Chief executive shared a peek of the animation showing that Punch TV Media was at the wheel of developing.

In respect to Collins,"I definitely wish for to be the kind of President whose most important attention is to build my stockholders and future investors have belief in what we are doingat Punchtv and to understand that we are doing the job towards transforming Punchtv to the billion corporation, which we be able to gain together."

Collins, the President of a progressive multi-media interprise , is starting on a five hundred million world stock offering at $5 per share for the creation of new technology and growth of Punch tv media. Located in the Hollywood area of Soutern, California, Punch TV Network is expanding its company and is gaining international appeal. Punch tv media Incorporated. makes use of in the network, creating, distributing, licensing, retailing and syndication of entertainment products.

The company supplies tv advertising and marketing options and distributes 1st run distributedseries, off-network television shows, and movies for licensing and syndication around the globe.

For an meetingwith Mr. Joseph Collins, please send a message to Lisa at lisa@punchtvstudios.com or call us at more info 310-419-5914.

Joseph Collins is the Head of the company of click here Punch tv media and Punch Animation Inc. (formally Black Television Network). This article may provide forward-looking information; Be sure to seek advice from an advisor prior to investing.



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